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After making three records with the Del Fuegos in the 1980s, I found
myself headed toward a long but satisfying trudge through school. Though
it did take a few years before I found my seat in the classroom, the stink
of the clubs still on me, I couldn't get enough once I started. Do you like
to read good books with attractive young women? I did. Once rooted
into the university life, however, I continued writing songs. Eventually,
through friends like Billy Conway and Angelo Petraglia and Elinor Blake, I
got back into music as a "solo" performer. The songs finally had a place
to go. If solo, I was never alone when making these records. It wouldn't
have happened if I was in the back of the cave by myself. The recordings I
generated, which are collected here, reveal the fact that I had an affection
for the pop music of the world. If rock and roll was always a part of things,
left to my own devices I found that I liked a little melody.



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